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Default Confused over new db

I am in the process of creating a db for a project, I have been given several
forms (paper forms that folks will be using to ask patients questions) that
need to be created which is whats confusing me. I know how to create access
forms, but I'm confused on how I should build my tables.

I know I will have a patient name, #, address, etc. - this is the easy part.

Then looking at the forms (about 5 forms) these all ask different questions,
here's an example:

Discharge Disposition (check one of the options below)
Skilled Nursing

Ok this one I get, just create a combo box and have the choices in a drop
down but, then there's:

Medical Conditions (check all that apply - there's about 20 diff choices)
• Arthritis
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Heart
• etc.
• Other: ______________________

How can I set up a form that will let me choose more than one option? And
how do I set it up that users can choose Diabetes, Heart, and Other then type
in something?

Do I have to create a table with every question on it to be able to use an
access form???

All of my forms are ones with questions for our patients similar to the
examples provided.

I have not worked on access in a long time and I'm a little unsure of how to
set these up. I know I've seen it done before but I'm lost right now. Also
I'm using MS Access 2002 (if it matters)