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Default fill a color to a row

yes Ron, I'd love to try but...
can not use that formula =AND(H3=1,I3=0) like this.
neither can use mine...

when I add "" then it accpets it but wont do anything

="AND(H3=1,I3=0)" this way excel doesnt do anything,
and says i have an error when I type =AND(H3=1,I3=0)
directly:S any idea?

"[email protected]" wrote:

You've almost got it right, try:
and format colour to suit

"mns" wrote:

I tried selecting the range then using conditional formula.
but I thing my formula is not working as I expect.

=IF(AND(H3=1,I3=0) -- I use this on formula place in conditional formatting
in Excel 2007.
If I can make this formula work I'll modify it to have 3 conditions.

I3 has a vaule of 1 mark the row Green
H3 has a vaule of 1 mark the row Yellow
I3 AND H3 has a vaule of 1 mark the row Green

"mns" wrote:

I want to check a column (lets say H) if there is a 1 value i want excel to
color the row.

lets say there is a 1 on H6, I want to fill a color to row 6. It can be full
coloring or if i can i might like to range it to A6:J6

thanx in advance