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Jeff Boyce
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You've not really given us much to go on. "Each record is a day". What
facts are you recording about "a day"?

"5 people that could access the record... editing a different field". That
may be, given your current data design. But without some idea of what you
are recording...

I'd offer a blanket suggestion against using one table per person -- as soon
as you start embedding data (i.e., which person) in your table names, you
are in trouble as far as making efficient use of Access goes. For example,
what would you do if someone new was hired? Someone was fired?

More info, please ...

Jeff Boyce
Access MVP

"Paul Cooper via" wrote in
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I'm designing an access 2003 DB for a small Newspaper. It will monitor

deadlines of the newspaper. Each record is a day. There are 5 people that
could access the record at the same time. Each person editing a different
field. Each user is forced to only edit their fields. Is it better to

1 table, or 1 for each user, and then use a relationship to connect them
together. I would prefer 1 table for simplicity, but that might not be the
best design.


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