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Default Converting Publisher 2007 Doc to PDF..."Publisher encountered

I am using the one in Publisher, File, convert to XPS or PDF. It is a larger
file but i do it all the time iwth no trouble (final size usually around
14MB). It just says publisher as encountered a problem & shuts down (sends
error message to Microsoft). I have all my settings as 300dpi (text/lineart).
Any suggestions? Thanks

"Mary Sauer" wrote:

The Adobe Reader has nothing to do with creating a PDF through Publisher. What
PDF converter are you using? Is your publication large? Is it a commercial
What is the exact error?

Mary Sauer MVP

"theefamily" wrote in message
Mid converting a publisher document to a pdf, I reciece a "publisher as
encountered a problem/error" & shuts down! Doesnt' complete pdf conversion.
HELP! I just updated my Adobe reader this week, could that be the problem?