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Default Protecting bookmarks?

Working in Word97 on Win 98SE...

I just started playing with a (long) document that someone else created; it
has a multitude of tables and a few other areas where I need to be able to
insert text via VBA code (while still allowing myself or other users to
manually edit the document as well). I'm fairly new to Word VBA but know
Excel VBA, so that isn't a problem- the problem is that I need to
idiot-proof this, and while I can add text at my bookmarks (sort of, it
still isn't quite right) I've tested, and it is easy to accidently delete
the bookmark manually. Is there any way to set up bookmarks and allow users
to do anything they want in the text of the document, but prevent the actual
bookmarks themselves from being deleted?

For example, in a cell I may want 5 bookmarks to identify 5 different pieces
of text I might have to add (separated by already existing text in that
cell). When I highlight a row of "new" text to delete it, sometimes the
bookmark goes away too. I looked at the FAQ and also through the various
tools/options and protection schema in Word97 and didn't find a way to
protect the bookmark (without protecting the whole document).

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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