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Hi Kr,

and while I can add text at my bookmarks (sort of, it
still isn't quite right) I've tested, and it is easy to accidently delete
the bookmark manually. Is there any way to set up bookmarks and allow users
to do anything they want in the text of the document, but prevent the actual
bookmarks themselves from being deleted?

No, there's not.

Somewhat less prone to accidental deletion are docVariable or DocProperty
fields. The text is written to a document variable or document property (the
former is VBA-access only; the latter is File/Properties), then display that
text using such a field. If someone deletes a field, at least the data is
still present, and the field can be inserted again.

The only way to "protect" anything in Word97 is to apply Forms protection.
Then the users can only work in form fields or unprotected sections. Problem
is, lots of things aren't available in that mode.

From the sound of it, what you'd really need is Word 2003 new protection

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update Jun 8 2004)

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