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Default Looking for DB for managing bookmarks!

Hi all...

I've googled and googled...looking for a sample Access DB for managing
Internet bookmarks. I'd like to replace the Favorites feature with a database
that can do some of the following:

-- Fields:
URL address,
page title,
categories keywords,
time last visited or link verified

-- drag URLs from the IE Address bar to a window, where the page
title and URL are separated into fields.

-- Would be great to be able to automatically query the page and
extract the META-description tag of the page, and insert that into
the Comment field.

-- I'd like to be able to view the DB in a treeview format, but permit
more than one listing if I've entered more than one category keyword.

-- Publish the DB as a web data access page, to let people search for
category keywords, etc., in a list or treeview format.

-- Run down the list and ping each URL and report dead links.

-- Open-source!

Now, is this too much to ask?! 8)

Any recommendations?