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Luke Sineath
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Default Need help on changing text size

Thanks to all of you, very, very much!!!

"Jay Freedman" wrote in message
Besides the Increase/Decrease Size commands, there are a couple of
other methods you should be aware of.

- In the Edit Replace dialog, click the More button. With the cursor
in the empty Find What box, click the Format button, choose Font,
select 12pt in the Size list, and click OK. With the cursor in the
empty Replace With box, click Format Font, select 16pt, and click
OK. Click the Replace All button. Repeat with 10pt and 14pt.

- Define separate styles for the smaller and larger text, and apply
them instead of the "direct" formatting. Then any time you want to
change the sizes, just modify the style definitions. Besides being
more flexible, this method leads to smaller document files than with
direct formatting.

garfield-n-odie wrote:

Hi Luke. Yes, it is possible. Press Ctrl+A to select the entire
document, then press Ctrl+] (that's the right bracket) to increase the
font size by 1 point, or Ctrl+[ (that's the left bracket) to decrease
the font size by 1 point.

Luke Sineath wrote:

Er, let me rephrase this. Suppose I have a document in which most of

text is 10pt., and the rest is 12pt. I want the difference in text

size to
be preserved, but I need to increase the size of all of the text. So I

to have 14 and 16pt. text in my document. Is there a way to do this,
globally? What I'm doing now is highlighting a portion of text, and
changing its size. What I want to do is select the entire document,

increase the size of all text by 4 points. Is this possible?

"Luke Sineath" wrote in message

This is what I want to do: with a document that contains different

sizes, I want to globally alter size, while preserving those

Basically, I want to globally add or subtract from txt size.

Jay Freedman
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