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Default Need help on changing text size

Not a good alternative. The OP's objectives are "difference in text
size to be preserved" and "increase the size of all text by 4 points".
If some text is 10 point and some 11 point, what happens when you press
Ctrl+ ? If the result escapes you, some text that is supposed to be
smaller than other text ends up being all the same size, and pressing
Ctrl+ a second time enlarges some text by 4 points but other text by
only 3 points.

Suzanne S. Barnhill wrote:
Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ to increase/decrease the font
size to the next listed size. If the difference escapes you, look at the
font size list: Using Ctrl+] will increase 12-pt text to 13 points, while
Ctrl+ will increase it to 14.

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"garfield-n-odie" wrote in message

Hi Luke. Yes, it is possible. Press Ctrl+A to select the entire
document, then press Ctrl+] (that's the right bracket) to increase the
font size by 1 point, or Ctrl+[ (that's the left bracket) to decrease
the font size by 1 point.

Luke Sineath wrote:

Er, let me rephrase this. Suppose I have a document in which most of


text is 10pt., and the rest is 12pt. I want the difference in text size


be preserved, but I need to increase the size of all of the text. So I


to have 14 and 16pt. text in my document. Is there a way to do this,
globally? What I'm doing now is highlighting a portion of text, and
changing its size. What I want to do is select the entire document, and
increase the size of all text by 4 points. Is this possible?

"Luke Sineath" wrote in message

This is what I want to do: with a document that contains different text
sizes, I want to globally alter size, while preserving those


Basically, I want to globally add or subtract from txt size.