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Jeff Boyce
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I read and re-read your description but I'm still having trouble visualizing
your data.

Are you saying that your table(s) have "repeating fields" ('... about 25
times')? If so, you have a spreadsheet, not a relational database.

I'd suggest posting some actual data, in the structure you have/are
proposing, to help folks (or maybe just me!) get our heads around what data
you are working with.

I'd also suggest that you step back from what you have and consider
normalization rules -- your data structure may be causing you to find
work-arounds in Access. If you have a well-normalized table structure,
Access has strong tools. Otherwise, ... workarounds!

Good luck

Jeff Boyce
Access MVP

"Paul Cooper via" wrote in
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Records = Days, Table1=Actual Times, Table2= Deadline Times. There are
about 25 times. I compare the actual times against the deadline times. To
show if we made our deadlines.

I have 5 users with different times to input. (They are in different
departments.) So, Each user is editing a different field on the same
record. Sometimes at the same time. I am going to split the database when
everything is done, but I need to know whether it would be better to break
the Actual Table times into 5 separate tables, one for each department (or
user). The data is based upon the department and not the individual. The
amount of tables would never need to change.

It is easier to analyze 1 table then 5. That is why I would like to stick
to one table. I just think it may not be feasible.


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