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Default Excel imports to Word

Hi Xpnovice,

Hmmm. The tables should be coming across the Clipboard and being dropped into
word in HTML format. You might go through Edit/Paste Special and
- check which format is marked as default
- whether using another format gives a different result

I don't think a table style (or AutoFormat) could be causing this, as these
normally don't affect cell/column width. What you describes sounds very much
how Word reacts when cells have been sized independently, or two (or more)
tables are being put together. Does that ring any bells at your end?

Providing I embed or link my Excel data in a Word document everything works
fine, and the data is displayed as I would expect and links etc work okay.

However I have an intermittent problem when I simply want to Copy & Paste
some data. Depending on which
terminal I use the data table can be displayed perfectly okay in table
format or it can be distorted with additional cells or cells out of

I have tested this using the same Excel file and the same cell range
selected, on some terminals all is okay, on others the distortion appears.

I have checked the default table layouts etc, but can find nothing that
would cause this intermittent problem.

All terminals are using Office XP suite and Windows XP OS.

Any ideas please, as it causes me some headaches. !!!

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update Sep 30 2003)

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