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Default Endnotes and sectioning

Make sure that the "Suppress endnotes" box is not checked on the Layout tab
of the Page Setup dialog for each section.

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"CIP.MNL" wrote in message
I have tried this (in Word 2007) and still the endnotes persist in being at
the end of the document instead of the end of the relevant section. I have
tried starting from scratch with a new document, setting up the sections
just a little text in each and still have problems. Can you explain?

"Stefan Blom" wrote:

Insert a section break whenever you want to start a new section. In Word
2007, click the Page Layout tab of the ribbon, and then click Breaks |
Page. In the Footnote and Endnote dialog box (which you can display by
right-clicking an existing endnote and choosing Note Options from the
context menu), make sure to pick "End of section" under "Location." When
are done, click Apply.

Stefan Blom
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"shorabali" wrote in message
Hey, I am typing up my thesis and I am doing it in chapters. I want to
end notes at the end of each chapter but how do I section off each
the document so i can apply end notes for each rather than endnotes for
whole document?