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Default Booklet - how do I change the margins?

It sounds like the "Layout" vertical alignment is on "center." Go to File
Page Set-up. Click on the "Layout" tab. About half way down the window is a
section called "Page." There is a Vertical alignment drop box. Set it to
"Top." Be sure that the "Preview" says "Apply to 'Whole Document,'" or
"Section" or "This point forward," whichever is applicable.

Then go change your top and bottom margins under the "Margins" tab, applying
those changes to the whole document.

Hope this helps.

"Julziexo" wrote:

Changing the margins in Page Setup (Word) does not affect the outcome of my
printed booklet. I've tried several printers and they do the same thing. It
appears the text on each page is centered vertically in print and print
preview. There is too much white space at the top and bottom of each page and
I would like to have only 1/2" or so instead of 1"+. I have even used a
larger font to no avail. I was not aware of Publisher until a few minutes
ago, I have a deadline and need to resolve this issue soon. Thanks for your
help. I've researched the online resources and didn't find answers.