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Default The Day After ???

When you look at the list of newsgroups, do you see a list of about 10?
Including one named: eternal-september.where.are.all.the.newsgroups

If you see that then you haven't configured the name/password correctly -- or
you haven't refreshed that list.

Subscribe to this eternal-september.where.are.all.the.newsgroups newsgroup and
you'll see one message that describes how to get access to all the newsgroups.

If all this is true, then since you're using OE, you can rightclick on the
newsserver and choose properties.

Then on the Server tab, you can check the "this server requires me to log on"
and fill out the account name and password.

Then ok your way out out of this dialog.

Then rightclick on the server once more and choose Refresh list. After that
finishes, you should be able to subscribe to the excel newsgroups.

(I hope vbg.)

But as long as the msnews servers are still carrying the *excel* newsgroups, I'm
staying here.

"L. Howard Kittle" wrote:

HI Dave,

I did what you told Don G. to do and got the eternal-september loaded
complete with password and such.

I cannot see how to access anything to do with Excel newsgroups.

I've clicked on everything on the home page and others and I don't
understand squat about what I'm doing or what I should try to do...? Been
to FAQ's and all options clickable.

I believe I read that "you will be offered Excel Newsgroups to select
from..." but if not then you have to "trick" eternal-september into offering

Any suggestions.


"Dave Peterson" wrote in message

Click on the Online link (in the notes about registering) and that'll take
directly to this page:

Register and you'll get an email to confirm that you're human(!).

Then just use
as your newsserver

Don Guillett wrote:

So, how do you use it?

Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
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"Aaron" wrote in message
June 2, 8.00 am and everything running normal.
What's happening ?
Does anyone know ??

I read and post to the MS news groups via When I
logged into Thunderbird and clicked the expand ('+' button) to retrieve
new headers, I had several "news group does not exist do you want to
unsubscribe" messages. They are definitely removing groups from *their*

This Excel group seems to be carried by, so
will just continue from there.


I am glad my Mom named me Aaron,
that is what everyone calls me.


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Dave Peterson