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Default Confused over new db

The starting point is to know what the database is expected to do.
What happens after the questions have been answered?
For example: is it a survey database and it will print out a report showing
the answers to the questions.

Once we know what the database is expected to do, we can advise you on
creating the tables needed for the database.

Once you have the tables setout and the database structure normalized, we
can advise on creating forms with dropdowns etc.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

"Rach" wrote in message
I am in the process of creating a db for a project, I have been given
forms (paper forms that folks will be using to ask patients questions)
need to be created which is whats confusing me. I know how to create
forms, but I'm confused on how I should build my tables.

I know I will have a patient name, #, address, etc. - this is the easy

Then looking at the forms (about 5 forms) these all ask different
here's an example:

Discharge Disposition (check one of the options below)
Skilled Nursing

Ok this one I get, just create a combo box and have the choices in a drop
down but, then there's:

Medical Conditions (check all that apply - there's about 20 diff choices)
. Arthritis
. Depression
. Diabetes
. Heart
. etc.
. Other: ______________________

How can I set up a form that will let me choose more than one option? And
how do I set it up that users can choose Diabetes, Heart, and Other then
in something?

Do I have to create a table with every question on it to be able to use an
access form???

All of my forms are ones with questions for our patients similar to the
examples provided.

I have not worked on access in a long time and I'm a little unsure of how
set these up. I know I've seen it done before but I'm lost right now.
I'm using MS Access 2002 (if it matters)