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Allen Browne
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Hi Jim

I can't repro that problem on my installation of Office 2003.

Possible differences:
- Have you applied Service Pack1 for Office 2003 yet?
- Do you have Name AutoCorrect off (Tools | Options | General)?

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"Jim Orson" wrote in message

I have a strange problem with the property sheet in Access 2003. I have
Allowable Design Changes set to Design View Only on my form. I leave the
property sheet open when I leave design view and shutdown the database.
When I reopen the database and go to design view, the property sheet is
closed. I can reopen it with the mouse or the menu, but that is not how I
understand it is supposed to work. I can also reopen the property sheet
I make even the slightest change in the size of the design view window,
either horizontal or vertical or increase or decrease. If, on the other
hand, I set Allowable Design Changes to All Views, then the property sheet
remains open as it should when the database is reopened. However, I don't
want to allow design changes in all views.

Has anyone seen this behavior and/or know of a way to make the property
sheet work as it should? BTW, this behavior occurs with all my databases
this computer.