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Jim Orson
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It is more of an irritant than a problem. When I use design view, I am more
than likely going to examine and/or change properties at some point, and it
would be more convenient to have the property sheet already open. From
experience, it's not a good sign when my system doesn't work the same way as
other people's do under the same apparent circumstances. I have gotten into
the habit of double clicking the box at the intersection of the rulers after
opening design view. BTW, I think you will find that your property sheet
behavior in design view is the same for reports as for forms. I have the
same gremlin for reports as for forms. Maybe service pack 2 will stomp it??
Thanks for your comments.

"Jon" wrote in message
I tried out what you described in Access 2002, but here it worked as you
described it should. So I couldn't reproduce what you described either.

I am very curious as to exactly what you're trying to do that makes this
important. If I hadn't read you post I never would have thought to even

something like this.