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Default Help needed with table design/layout for newbie

jase118 wrote:
Hi, i have just joined the forum and have built a few DB's in the past but
found i have forgotten almost everything!
I do remember with a previous DB i layed the tables out incorrectly which
impacted on the flexibility down the line so would like advise before i start
in order to get a good foundation.
My dB is for our watersports centre to book people onto courses and retain
their details in a contacts table to be imported to Outlook for mailing info.
We run various courses which then run on multiple dates across the year. So
for example we may run a Powerboat Level 1 course, this then runs 4-6 jan, 4-
6 Feb and so on. I then need to add customers to each course date (i want to
retain the customer information for use on email or telephone marketing etc)
This is the basic concept, the additional functionality i require is:

-Add/ Remove courses - add/remove course dates

-view courses by type or date (ie view all power boat courses, or all courses
for January or all powerboat courses for January)

-view available spaces on courses (same search criteria as above)

-Add/ Remove people off courses

-Print bookings (same search criteria as above)

-view reserve space bookings (people who can fill cancellation slots on
certain courses at certain dates)

-View payments received /outstanding payments

This is my plan for the way i want it to work! I now need to start building
the tables.
For the contacts table i plan on using the same format as Outlook contacts so
i can import directly into outlook for emailing customers (i would be happy
to change this especially if i could send mails direct from access into
Outlook, rather than importing a contacts list every-time i add a new name)
I am very open to suggestions here as i am finding the first step a bit
daunting and dont want to waste lots of time making a DB that wont do what i
want a bit later down the line.
I have tried to give as much detail as i can, if you want to know anything
else please ask.

I will be grateful for any help with this


just received this from another forum, what do you think as a start point?

You can use Access automation with Outlook to send out e-mails, but that is
down the road at this point. The table structure is the most critical aspect.

You'll need tables for members and courses

-pkMemberID primary key, autonumber

-pkCourseID primary key, autonumber

You'll also need a table for the course dates or sessions

-pkSessionID primary key, autonumber
-dteStart (session start date)
-dteEnd (session end date)
-fkCourseID foreign key to tblCourses

Now you'll need to associate the members with the applicable session

-pkSessionMemberID primary key, autonumber
-fkSessionID foreign key to tblSessions
-fkMemberID foreign key to tblMembers

In order to determine if there are vacancies in a particular session, you
will need to know the maximum # of students/session or course. If a session
is limited by its location, then the field for the max # belongs in the
session table. If the max # only depends on the course, then it belongs in
the tblCourses. The same would be true for the course fee. If the fee is
dependent on the session (you might charge less for sessions conducted in the
off season versus those conducted during the season), then the field belongs
there. If the fee is just dependent on the course, then it belongs in