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Default Help needed with table design/layout for newbie

Jörn Bosse wrote:
When you setup relations, the fields need the same type: both integer
values. As it seems, your tblSessionMembers is the table to create the
m:n-relationship between members and sessions. Thats why you have to put
your yes/noe-field into this table. If you realise it that way, you can
directly see who has paid by selecting the session, or which session a
user has already paid by selecting the user.
But your entitity-relationship-model seems to be fine at all.

How to create a m:n in your case. Open the Relation dialog and add the
tables: tblSessionMembers, tblmembers, tblSession.
Then creat a relationship using drag and drop. Drag from the Primkey and
drop it on the foreignkey.


Am 04.06.2010 22:49, schrieb jase118:
Hi, i have just joined the forum and have built a few DB's in the past but
found i have forgotten almost everything!

[quoted text clipped - 76 lines]
I am not sure how to setup a foreign key, went into relationships and setup a
1 to many link, is this correct?

Thanks for the advise so far,
I have put payment and joining instructions under session members:

-pkSessionMemberID primary key, autonumber
-fkSessionID foreign key to tblSessions
-fkMemberID foreign key to tblMembers
-logPaid yes/no
-logInstructionsSent yes/no