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Whilst looking through one of the tables in my database at work I noticed a
record that had '#Deleted' as the value for every field.

Could anyone shed some light on this ?

Two users were logged on and using the table (through forms) at the time.

I asked them to log out which they did.

I then logged out also.

On logging back in however I was unable to find the record again. It had
just disappeared !!

I'm not sure if this was a 'ghost' record or has one of my records been
overwritten ? Or even deleted ?

I do have a back up from the previous day (which doesn't contain this record
as I've looked) but since the last back up the previous day another two
hundred records have been added to the table so I don't know if any records
have been affected or not.

It's Access 97 and all pretty basic stuff, no fancy codes or anything, just
tables and forms and a few queries. No linked tables or external files.
There are approximately 3500 records in the table where this odd record was.

The database is shared on a network, each PC is Windows 2000, it's not split
and it's not encrypted. It is secure with regard to users and logins etc.
I am the only one with Admin privileges.


Help Please

Thank you