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Default sort source data sheet while destination shows same data

Is there a way to link information from an Excel spreadsheet in a source
workbook to a second (destination) workbook, sort the source workbook, and
though the positioning of the cell location changes in the source
book; the same data (values) are linked to the second workbook as
before the sort. Neither using names, nor removing the string ($) sign
has worked. I suspect I could use a lookup formula, but I do not want
to sort source on the lookup reference value (that appears to need to
be in ascending order). If the answer is no, I suppose I could create
another sheet with the reference data sorted in ascending order so a
lookup formula works. I would like to just link, sort the source sheet when
I want, and have the second workbook somehow retain reference to the same
value as
before the sort. What's the simplest way to accomplish this? Thanks.
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