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Terry Cano
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Default Testing DB and .....

I see two weakness in my db design. BTW I'm self taught so there are two I'm
aware of and many I'm not.
I make a folder for my test db I can only run so many scenerios and move the
relationship around so many times...when do you know when to stop?
I start with a list of what I think I will ever need.
Level 1 Reports and QUERY that we will need on a daily or weekly bases
Level 2 Predict what we may need six months + down the road
Create the tables.....I then find that I'm looking at as many as six to ten
that seems like a lot.
I can use a switchboard to keep the form count should I be
thinking in that direction or ? ? ? ? ?

Archview Apartments
126 units over 250 people all with 2 it isn't that big of a

My other project is creating something for the recording studio. Here I'm
dealing with clients and billing not many though. A ton of information on
songs, sounds used instruments used plug ins...when and what was edited back
up information, submission information, ISRC Codes....that could be six or so