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Default Populate a new field in an existing table

Write a query to do an insert into that column for each row...

Update MyTable Set [Financial Year] = "2009-10" Where [Financial Year] IS

By the way, I strongly advise against using any column name with an embedded
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"Dominic" wrote:

Hi all

Access 2003:

I have an existing Access table, containing 10,000+ rows called "Printing"
and I have decided to insert a new column called "Financial Year". However,
I am struggling of finding a way to instantly populate this field with the
value "2009-10", without going into each row (I have three more tables to do
this to with 30,000+ rows)

Going forward it will be populated with all the other fields, but I just
need to bring them all up to date first.

Can anyone help out?

Thanks for reading.