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Default trouble importing from excel

Thanks so much for your help, got it, all is well happy holidays!

"Karl Timmermans" wrote:

#1 - Delete all of your existing "named ranges" (assigning one name to each
column is incorrect)
#2 - Create one named range that encompasses your header row (first row that
has the column names) and all data rows/columns.
#3 - Import into Outlook

or to avoid the entire issue of named ranges.....

#4 - Save your worksheet as a CSV file and import that file instead.

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"GMcKenna" wrote in message

"Brian Tillman" wrote:

GMcKenna wrote:

I'm importing data from an Excel file into my contacts the problem is
that instead of putting all the information together under one
contact i.e. name, address, company etc. It separates each piece of
information and records it as a new contact so instead of 80 contacts
with all the information I end up with over 1000 contacts one that
contains just the address another just the name and so on and so
forth. Any advice?

Have you set up your named range appropriately for the import?
Brian Tillman


I belive so I named each individual colum in the excel speradsheet by
Insert/name/create - checked the- top row -box then clicked ok. Did I
miss a