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Default Moving from R4 to R4 SDHC

Hi guys

I'm new to the forums, this seems like the best place to be asking my question..

I recently purchased an R4 card. 50% of the way into a game, I decided I want a bigger memory card to put more games in. Did my research, found out my 8GB memory card won't work with a regular R4 so I purchased an R4 SDHC card. I loaded up the SDHC system files onto the card, put on the NDS and SAV files. Loaded up the game on DS and it tells me the save file is corrupted.

Any ideas on what I might have done wrong or what I need to do to make this work?

Please reply soon, thank you!

EDIT: I waited long enough and the game will load up with a save file (I can't tell if its my most recent save since it's in the same area). I tried moving my character to a different spot and saved. I shut down DS after, restarted game, got the same "Corrupted Save" message. It then loaded up the same save as the first time.

Anybody know what's wrong?


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