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Originally Posted by sunil.kini View Post
In the attached excel file there are list of names and list of cities. If I select city as "DELHI" for "A", I should not get "DELHI" in subsequent drop downs. Means next drop downs should show only remaining cities. Please help me on this.
This is semi-simple to achieve, but far more difficult to describe the steps for. I'll make an attempt, but if this doesn't make any sense, you might want to send me a private message and I can email you an example spreadsheet for this.

To do this, I have created 4 lists, a Master list in column E with all of your possible values. Columns F, G and H are the lists of values that are in your picklists held in cells A3, B3 and C3 respectively.

With the Master List starting in cell E3, you have the following formulas in cells F3, G3 and H3:

Copy those formula down the columns F, G and H for every value you have in the Master List in column E.

Now if you make your picklist for cell A3 pick from those values in column F, B3 from column G and C3 from column H values, when you select a value from one pick list, it will disappear from the other two pick lists.