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Default create a database

If someone posts items that break the rule of conducts, can MS just block
that individual from posting further?
Teach me to fish! Thanks for the help.
Pax, M

"John W. Vinson" wrote:

On Sun, 21 Mar 2010 10:26:01 -0700, Sheryl

Steve can you email me I really need a database created as well and will pay
you the fee. Sheryl

Luckily for you, he can't, because he doesn't know your email address. Don't
post it here, or even worse spammers than Steve will pick it up.

I would recommend that you find someone (perhaps locally) who can help you,
rather than paying someone who has habitually and constantly violated the
terms of service of this forum:

Rules of conduct

Advertising/Solicitation: These communities were created as a forum for
providing peer-to-peer assistance on Microsoft products and services. We ask
that you refrain from posting advertisements or solicitations that do not
pertain directly to the intended use and purpose of the newsgroup or chat.


John W. Vinson [MVP]