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Default password-protected form

Unless you are using the MDB format, you cannot secure individual objects
using Access security. Even with Access security you cannot require a
password for a single form. What you can do however is determine who the
user is using code like:

Knowing who the user is, can allow you to choose whether or not to allow
him/her to access any objects in the database.

I typically add a hidden table to the database with permission levels for
each user, then store that in a global variable, then check that in the form
load or form open event to see if the user has sufficient permissions to
access that object.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Co-author: "Access 2010 Solutions", published by Wiley

"blanch2009" wrote in message
I'm sorry,
I was using the comments in this thread to password a form in Access 2007.

The code that was suggested works "ok", the password window pops open but
you can see the password as it's typed, not good in most situations and
the first time you type a password I'm assuming that password is stored.
hidden somewhere. The next time you open the form, the password window
and you type in the password. I'd say that's ok but I'm testing and would
like to reset the password, or allow for another password.
I have one person that will be using this form so the one password
limitation is ok in this instance. I would like to learn how to create a
form that requires a user to enter there name & password before the form

Thank you in advance and I'm hoping I've explained what it is I'm trying


"Arvin Meyer [MVP]" wrote:

"blanch2009" wrote in message
How do you clear or reset the password?

I think you need to tell us which password in which version of Access,
before anyone can give you a good answer.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Co-author: "Access 2010 Solutions", published by Wiley