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Default Font color won't change in header row of my Table style

One trick to getting & keeping stable tables is to avoid setting font
characteristics in a table style. Use paragraph styles instead. Many
technical documents have lots of tables that are quite different from each
other and that require a lot of manual formatting. Table styles are great
for quickly formatting them. But table style text settings tend to override
manual formatting and paragraph styles. (Or the conflicting setting confuse

Your best bet is to start fresh. Clear all formatting and then apply the
unmodified table grid style. Create a new table style that is based on table
grid and that does not have text formatting specified (font, size, color,
horizontal alignment, etc.). Create your table paragraph styles. Three is
often enough: table heading, table text, and table bullet. Now apply your
new table style and table text paragraph style to the whole table, then
apply the table heading and bullet styles appropriately.


C1ER wrote:
Reapplying the table style doesn't work, either, unfortunately. Thanks for
the article - this is helpful, and now I know I'm not crazy. I think we'll
just go with the table style and accept the black text. Thanks for all your

If you *reapply* the copied table style to the relevant table(s), does that
make a difference? You can use Ctrl+Alt+U to clear the formatting and then

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