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Default need sumproduct to return text values...

this is a follow up to my previously posted subject line: "vlookup (indirect,
or sumproduct) using three tabs"

i have a sumproduct working (sort of, but not quite.) sumproduct ignores
text and only returns numerical values, or 0 if no match is found or if
there is text. how can i change the following to accept the text that is
displayed or display "Invalid item"

=IF(A12="","",SUMPRODUCT(--(VLOOKUP(H5,Suppliers!A:B,2,FALSE)=Items!A:A),--(Items!B:B='Purchase Order (Inventory)'!A12),Items!C:C))

this is the first part of the problem. i will work on the second part to
see if i can atleast get part of the answer myself, if not, i'll be back.

thank you,