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Default Search & Replace

Hi Pamela.
Unfortuantely, this still does not work, it finds any space in the table,
not just a space next to the Cell End Marker, which is what is required. Oh
well never mind.
Thanks anyway.


"Pamelia Caswell via" wrote:

It also works with " {1,}^10. I too have had to delete trailing spaces from
dozens of tables and hundreds of cells—by hand. So this could be a big help.


Pamelia Caswell wrote:
I just tried searching for " face^10", "face ^10", and " ^10" in W2009. All
work with wild cards enabled. It selects only up to the end of cell
marker—probably because the marker cannot be manipulated. It also replaces
only up to the end of cell marker.

Thanks, Paul.


Hi Dean,

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What are the equivalent codes when using Search & Replace in tables?

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