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Luciano Paulino da Silva
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Default Split text file into Excel sheet and separate the final resultsinto a new sheet

It is one of my files:
Thanks in advance,

On 16 abr, 15:05, Glenn wrote:
There were no limits to the solution I provided, unless your data is
significantly different than your example. *Save a copy of your actual data towww.savefile.comand I'll look at it.

Luciano Paulino da Silva wrote:

Dear Glenn,
Thank you very much for your file.
The spaces are inserted. However, my data have hundreds of headers and
consequently data, but I can not understand how could I put them to
the PivotTable. The number of headers is variable for each situation.
Thanks in advance,

On 16 abr, 11:13, Glenn wrote:
Luciano Paulino da Silva wrote:

Dear Glenn,
I'm having some problems. Some of your stepes suggestions seems that
they did not work fine with me. Would it be possible that you send me
a sample sheet?
Thanks in advance,

I had to make some small modifications to the formulas to handle leading spaces
in the data I copied from your original message. *Not sure if they are present
in the actual data or not, but if they are it should work now.

C2 = IF(D2="","",IF(C1="",A1,C1))

FIND(" ",TRIM(A2)))))

REPT(" ",99),2)," ",REPT(" ",99),1),99,99))

REPT(" ",99),3)," ",REPT(" ",99),2),99,99))

G2 = TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A2)," ",REPT(" ",99),3),99,99))