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Default Bug in Brainstorming Layout

"Paul Herber" wrote:

I'll take a guess that it all went wrong when you copied and pasted to a new file.
Did you just create a blank page and copy all the shapes to the new page? That won't work
as the page has certain properties that are needed.
You need to create a blank brainstorming page and copy into that. If you can then copy
from the original page before it all went wrong. I hope you have that in a backup!

Thank you Paul. In fact I did copy and paste things to a blank brainstorming
diagram as I had noted that visio didn't like mixing brainstorming pages and
shapes in files that were not pure brainstorming diagrams. My copy and paste
solution worked fine for a while. I could add to and change my diagram. Only
now -- out of nowhere -- it's going crazy again. I find myself saying what
every service-desk just loves to hear: "I didn't touch anything!"

The links are a different matter ...

Post this message and the attachment on the Visio Guy forum:

I'll do that.