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Default copy selected rows to second worksheet (NOT Cut + Paste)

I am trying to create a simple tool log that also incorporates a sign in/out
sheet as a second worksheet.
What I want is to be able to select (not using cut + paste) several rows and
by simply being selected on "tool list" worksheet, temporarly copied into
"sign_in" and "sign_out" worksheets.
I need the data selected from sheet 1 "tools list" to fill rows (starting at
20) of the next 2 sheets, and then end user simply prints needed sheet, for
employee to sign.

This allows me to select only the tools that that employee is checking
in/out at that time and print that list from a second (or third) sheet along
with data in previous 20 lines.

I would prefer to be able to keep this workbook protected, but it is not a